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First Flush Sencha

Kagoshima Japan, Organic Green tea, 50 grams whole leaf 

Refreshing and brisk with a pleasant bitter-sweetness, deep umami flavor and a greenish-golden infusion color

The Nishi family's teas are celebrated throughout Japan for their exquisite quality and dedication to organic cultivation techniques and masterful cultivar selection. We have partnered with the Nishi family for over a decade of sustainable tea farming, working with them to establish some of the first organic tea farms in southern Japan. This is Nishi's premier asamushi style sencha with a bright, lively character that is only found in the first flush. The "first flush" refers to the first harvests of the spring season when new tea buds emerge and tea plants awake from winter dormancy. At this time, the bushes sprout up with great vigor and yield the richest, most balanced teas. Vivid and juicy, Nishi First Flush Sencha presents a dewy umami flavor and smooth mouthfeel.