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SCA Green Coffee Intermediate

This course is designed to take advantage of the knowledge acquired in the Green Coffee Foundation course and prepare the student for more complex work functions found in the green coffee profession. Specifically:
  • Botany and agronomy develop further
  • Processing is explored in more detail and the concept of "quality" sec introduced as a consequence of the process
  • Defects and positive grade variables are presented to the student
  • The main elements of green coffee contracts are introduced
  • Qualification and quality differentiation with respect to green coffee contracts
  • Seasonal and quality storage variables are introduced as concepts
  • Market terminology is further developed
  • Decaffeination develops further
  • Certification mechanisms are explored in more detail 
On the third day, and upon completion of the course work, students will take the SCA Green Coffee Intermediate practical exam. They must then complete a written exam alone online. By completing the course work and passing the exams, students earn 10 points towards the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.