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SCA Sensory Skills Professional 23-27 September

The Professional level is suitable if you want to pursue specialist knowledge of Sensory Skills at a high level. Success at this level should indicate to employers competence to work in the field. Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level.Candidates must hold the Intermediate qualification in the module for a minimum of 3 months with relevant experience before attempting the professional level. Courses at this level are worth 25 point towards SCA Coffee Skills Diploma and are given over a period of 5 days including time for testing and potentially test retakes. 
The Course will be held on the "Combination Learning" format, all classes will be ONLINE-LIVE. Exercises and test will be at Coffea School.

Prerequisites: Sensory Intermediate + 3-6 months experience 
Recommended: Roast Intermediate - Green Coffee Intermediate