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72% Mexico Soconusco Limited Release

72% Mexico Soconusco Limited Release

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This Bean-To-Bar is crafted by California based Chocolate Artisans Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate.
Dick Taylor are small batches, Bean-to-Bar craft chocolate makers, specializing in single origin, two ingredient chocolate. Handcrafted in Eureka, California.
Our first ever chocolate from Mexico sets a very high bar! Adding only a touch of organic cane sugar to the cacao, they allow the nuances of these flavors to shine through without distracting with any other ingredients. The cacao itself displays flavor notes of persimmon, fudge, prunes, and molasses. They say about this cacao: "We're honored to be working with such a unique cacao origin, building on the foundation laid by centuries of growth and cultivation."

Ingredients: Organic cacao, Cane Sugar
Tasting Notes: Persimmon / Fudge & Prune / Molasses
Origin: Co-op: Rayen Cacao

57 gr / 2 oz

Best before 17 May 2024

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