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Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale

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The Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale is one of those barista tools that you wished you would have purchased a lot sooner. It's highly recommended for its ability to improve the consistency of your coffee drinks thanks to its ultra-fast response time and high accuracy allowing you to track all your espresso shots. Highly durable this espresso scale is built with anodized aluminum and its electronic parts inside and the LCD display are fortified with a water-resistant spray to prevent water damage. Easy to use and loved by many. 

Acaia Lunar Scale Features

  • Automatically tare, start, and stop; auto-start timer mode when an item is placed on the scale.
  • Durable and water-resistant.
  • Accurate with readability up to 0.1 g and an optional resolution 0.01 g. and sensitive to even weight changes resulting from evaporation and temperature.
  • Timer 
  • Rechargeable USB power supply, the lithium-ion battery lasts 20-30 hrs.
  • Mobile app compatible via Bluetooth sync with Acaia apps, with periodic firmware updates.
  • Backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty, which includes water damage.

    Included with Purchase: Heat-resistant pad, calibration weight 100g, and micro USB charging cable. 

    About The Brand

    Acaia is known in the specialty coffee industry as offering one of the most important barista tools; the coffee scale. These smart coffee scales are a beautiful combination of design and technology that can literally transform the coffee experience for brewers and customers by allowing baristas to dial in brew ratios. These award-winning scales are barista-proof with extensive waterproofing, rechargeable batteries, and Bluetooth technology.