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Collections: Ethiopian Coffee Subscriptions

13 x 1KG Subscription Package

Every 4 weeks you'll find a fresh bag of coffee in your mailbox or at your doorstep, from a distinct farm or growing region in Ethiopia. Why Ethiopia? It is said to be the birthplace of Coffea Arabica and thus has the largest genetic diversity - that means incredible potential for diverse flavor profiles and complexity. 
In short, we love coffees from Ethiopia and it brings us great pleasure to share them with you! Below are a list of some of the coffees that you can expect to receive in your upcoming deliveries:

Aleta Wendo, Sidama - Lime, Jasmine, Apricot
Bensa, Sidama - Honey, Tangerine, Fresia
Bensa Natural, Sidama - Berries, Hops, Milk Chocolate
Hambela, Guji - Raspberry, Rose hips, Sweet Lemon
Chena, Kaffa - Unrefined sugars, Lemon & Lime, Jasmine 
Keramo Natural, Sidama - Strawberry, Cherry, Melon
Kerecha Natural, Guji - Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Floral

more arriving soon!