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Coffea School

***NEW*** Ancient Horse Teapet

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A tea pet is a ceramic figurine, mainly made of Zisha (Yixing purple clay). People nourish the pet by tea. In Chinese culture, the pet means auspicious, wealth, fortune, and people use it to beautify and decorate their tea tables. Lovers of Chinese tea believe that a meaningful and fun tea pet adds fun to their tea sessions and brings in fortune and luck. Pouring some tea on the tea pet nourishes it and washes away the hustles and bustles of the world. The process of raising tea pets is another method of self-cultivation.

When you drink tea start by dipping some of the tea for pet painting or drips some of the leftover tea on the pet. Over time, the pet becomes warm, pleasant and one emitting good fragrance of tea. 

An ancient style Chinese horse teapet with a reflective multicolored glaze.

  • Dimensions: 7.5cm X 2.5cm X 6cm
  • Weight: 45g