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Botanicals Foundation, Speciality Tea Association of Europe

Botanicals Foundation, Speciality Tea Association of Europe

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Botanicals Foundation, designed as a two day classroom course, is now available.

If you always wanted to know more about botanicals but never had the chance then our Botanicals Foundation module is just for you. Starting with the definition of botanicals and moving through the functionality and sensory evaluation, it covers the history, cultivation, benefits, uses and sensory profiles of fourteen of the most popular Botanicals, ending with a session in the art of brewing botanicals. 



In the Specialty Coffee Industry we're excited to hear about the farm, the people who work to process the coffee, and then about the brewing process itself to discover an incredible array of flavours and aromas. So why do we forget  that Botanicals involves exactly the same stepsThe Tea Barista is a person who is equally passionate about tea & botanicals brewing. 

The tea/botanical barista will weigh the right amount of botanical, prepare filtered water to a specific temperature and focus on brewing time. It is the Tea Barista who is responsible for making that cup of tea/infusion you will remember. 

Let's expand our horizons both as tea/botanicals enthusiasts and as professionalsTea Barista is a very forward-thinking concept. Just like the world of coffee, the world of tea/botanicals is incredibly exciting and stimulating! And the right knowledge and skills give us even more opportunities and satisfaction to be part of this wonderful world.

Botanicals Foundation is a course for new tea businesses, Coffee Shops, Cafes, and Tea Houses.

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