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Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is a non-profit organization working internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it.

Its vision is to work together to ensure quality-focused coffee standards and practices are rewarded by the market, and coffee communities thrive.

We are happy to announce that our Co-Founder & Trainer María Esther López-Thome, proudly represents this prestigious organization as one of the new Lecturers on the Quality Evaluation Program.

Coffee Quality Institute now offers Classes. These are generally shorter and may be either fundamental. Some of the classes will be available online, some in-person and some could be a combination. Regardless, they are designed to be a great way to get some valuable education on the topic of coffee in a CQI format. These classes can also be taught by authorized subject experts.

Lecturers are subject matter experts in Quality Evaluation who have experience teaching and are trained by CQI. They are already working in their communities to help improve coffee quality and the livelihood of coffee producers.

CQI Lecturer teaches CQI classes. CQI classes are built to support CQI rigorous and widely known certificate courses. Classes build knowledge at a novice and practitioner level. Students will be given a participation award upon completion.

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