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Coffea School

Introduction to CQI Cupping Class

Introduction to CQI Cupping Class

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This Introduction to CQI Cupping class will help you explore the sensory coffee cupping fundamentals. Through practical exercises, learn to becoming familiar with the CQI cupping protocol. Let's embark on this tasting journey together!

This class teaches all new coffee people how to set up a cupping and evaluate coffee consistent with the CQI's best practices and protocols for Q Graders.  

Description: In this 2-day class, attendees will learn the fundamental mechanics of olfaction (fragrance & aroma), gustation (flavor & aftertaste), texture (body & mouthfeel) and aroma memory recall. They will apply these mechanics while learning how to compare and describe coffee attributes found in both Arabica and Robusta species of coffee.

Attendees will be taught how to determine proper dosing for cupping bowls and set up a table. They will cup multiple flights of coffee and calibration their evaluations. Attendees will begin to learn the common language of coffee quality and explore ways to continue their professional cupping and coffee education.

Who is it for: New coffee people, novice cuppers, or even coffee enthusiasts looking to better understand coffee flavor and how quality is professionally evaluated.

Students that successfully attend the class will be given a participation award upon completion.

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