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Coffea School

Camellia Sinensis Foundation

Camellia Sinensis Foundation

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Camellia Sinensis Foundation covers the science of tea, from Camellia Sinensis plant cultivation to the tasting and appreciation of tea. Enhance your understanding of tea with curriculum created by master tea experts.

It is an ideal course for those with a need to achieve a basic theoretical and practical understanding of the tea plant from leaf to cup.


Subjects Covered in this two days course are: 

  • History, Geography and Chemistry

  • The Six Categories of Tea

  • Brewing Methods

  • Sensory Education

  • Tastings and Comparisons

It is a well-established fact that, after water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, with a significant growth rate over the last years and consistently better product quality being available. Even so, consumers’ choice of out-of-home beverage is not tea, but coffee.

Poor experience from badly prepared, flat, or flavourless brews have left consumers disillusioned, while the wonderful teas and botanicals are grossly misrepresented. 

The European Speciality Tea Association  believe (and we agreed 100%) that the consumer needs to be inspired from the moment they enjoy the aroma, liquor and taste of the tea and can celebrate in the plant’s personality, the origin of the tea, the care that has been taken in the processing and brewing of it; this being a speciality moment.

Discover a love of tea with the Camellia Sinensis Foundation! Our courses provide the perfect introduction to Camellia Sinensis teas, with informative lessons and guidance. Gain a tea appreciation with us and unlock a whole new world of flavor.

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