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Seed to Cup - The Path of the Roaster

Seed to Cup - The Path of the Roaster

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Seed to Cup - The Path of the Roaster is perfect for learning the skill of roasting green coffee beans so that you can enjoy the best cup every time. Our intensive workshop will help you measure and fine-tune your skills, from sourcing to roasting to serving. Experience the joy of tasting coffee you've roasted yourself, start to finish!

This is a 100% hands-on week of training. 

The intention of this class is to introduce the students to the standard procedures, protocols, and practical application of evaluating new coffees and building a roast plan through real-life scenario.  

First Day: The class begins with green coffee analysis, which will include using the SCA green coffee arabica grading form to classify physical defects, measuring moisture content, bulk density and screen size, and tasting common coffee defects. Students will have the opportunity to clarify and resolve green coffee doubts. Cupping will be done for green coffee sourcing.

Second Day: With the green coffee already graded & cupped students will sample roast their coffees using Ikawa Roaster, then measure the roast color and cup their coffees. They will repeat the sample roast & cupping as many times as needed. Once the students have decided on a desired roast profile for their coffee they will prepare a plan for their production roasts on the production roaster. 

Third Day: Students will start the production roasting according to their plan on a 2k Mill City Roaster. Students will have to cup the coffees after each roast (cupping for production roast) and decided the best roast profile for the coffee.  Measures of the roast color will be made,  and then cupping the coffees to ensure coffees are roasted to the desired specifications. With the profile chosen coffee will be left to degass until next day. 

Fourth Day: With the coffee roasted and degassed students will start the calibration of the coffee on the Espresso Machine (including espresso with Milk) and any other method of their choice (including Cold Brew). They will have to calibrate the coffee in two different methods. Student will have to create a Signature beverage as well (no alcohol).

Fifth Day: Every student will present their Espresso, Milk, and signature beverage to the class in rounds of 4 beverages (4 espresso, 4 espresso-milk, 4 signatures beverages. Time: 15 minutes). After that, and with 10 minutes in between, will have to present the alternative method as well (8 minutes), explaining the reasons why the roast profile was chosen to that specific coffee and attributes descriptors for the beverages presented. Students will have the choice to invite two other people to be present on their performance.

Who is this workshop for? People with some experience in roasting. General knowledge in green coffee and cupping. Able to produce beverages as a Barista. 

When? This class is a whole week, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, each day

This Workshop will be held once a year. Next class will be held from June 10th to 14th, 2024.

Workshop price is $3,000.00. Early registration is $2,500.00!

Seats fill very fast, don't wait till the last moment!

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