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Introduction to Tea Speciality Tea Association of Europe

Introduction to Tea Speciality Tea Association of Europe

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Experience the culture, flavor, and variety of the world of tea with this Introduction to Tea course. Learn all about speciality teas and find out how tea can enrich your life. Discover a world of delightful flavors and textures, and make a cup of tea an experience to be savored.

Introduction to Tea is the first module of the European Speciality Tea Association´s education initiative, the Tea Certification Programme. This course provides the necessary background to develop your skills through other modules at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level.


In this course students will learn 

- The definition of what is speciality tea.

- Will identify a tea from a botanical correctly

- Demonstrate basic knowledge about the tea plant and recognise the difference between the six categories

- Demonstrate basic knowledge of brewing and tasting tea

- Demonstrate basic knowledge of tea and food pairing

This course is for people working in hospitality, cafes, tea houses, coffee shops, tea shops and tea enthusiasts.

The course will be held in person with María Esther López-Thome as your trainer. This course will be held in Spanish. 

The introduction to tea will take 6 hours to be completed, including six activities. There is an exam after the course which must be completed within a number of days. The student will receive an ESTA certificate for passing the exam.

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