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Introduction to Tea for Hospitality Speciality Tea Association of Europe

Introduction to Tea for Hospitality Speciality Tea Association of Europe

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This course offers a comprehensive introduction to tea for hospitality professionals. It covers the scientific, cultural, and sensory aspects of the beverage, with an emphasis on specialty tea. It is a perfect way to enhance the knowledge and broaden the offerings of hospitality professionals.

So excited to announce that the Speciality Tea Association of Europe has now released the new module Introduction to Tea for Hospitality to be delivered either on line or in the classroom. The subjects covered are as follows:



In the Specialty Coffee Industry we're excited to hear about the farm, the people who work to process the coffee, and then about the brewing process itself to discover an incredible array of flavours and aromas. So why do we forget that tea involves exactly the same steps? The Tea Barista is a person who is equally passionate about tea brewing. This is a person who with the same enthusiasm will tell you about the farm where the tea comes from, the processing it goes through, and will choose from among many others the tea which has an incredibly high quality and unique flavour. And then will focus on brewing it properly.

The tea barista will weigh the right amount of tea, prepare filtered water to a specific temperature and focus on brewing time. It is the Tea Barista who is responsible for making that cup of tea you will remember. Let's expand our horizons both as tea enthusiasts and as professionals. Tea Barista is a very forward-thinking concept. Just like the world of coffee, the world of tea is incredibly exciting and stimulating! And the right knowledge and skills give us even more opportunities and satisfaction to be part of this wonderful world.

Introduction to Tea for Hospitality is a course for new tea businesses, Coffee Shops, Cafes, and Tea Houses.

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