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Small jasmine pearls, a rare specialty from China.

Only the youngest and most tender leaves are repeatedly blended with fresh, very fragrant jasmine flowers which are removed afterward. Then the scented tea leaves are rolled by hand into small, tight pearls. The jasmine aroma is closed in and unfolds fully when infused. A pleasure for the eyes, nose, and palate. The amber cup and the fantastic fragrance are extremely seductive! Green Tea 

Steeping Instructions:

 Serving Size: 2.5 gr / 1tbs - 8 oz water

Temperature Water: 185-195F or 85-90C

Steep Time: 2-4 minutes

Resteep x2

Ingredients: Green tea, Jasmine Petals

We encourage you to experiment with the quantity of tea leaves and the length of the steep time to find your desired brew strength. Varying the water temperature isn't recommended, as water that is too hot will over-extract the bitter components of tea, while water that is too cool might not fully draw out the aromas and flavors of tea. 

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