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Kalita Wave 185 Glass Dripper

Kalita Wave 185 Glass Dripper

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The Kalita Wave 185 is loved by beginners and professional baristas for brewing pour-overs that produce consistent, balanced cups of coffee and is the most popular dripper of 2021. Ideal for brewing 16-26 oz of flavorful, full-bodied coffee, it’s designed with a flat-bottomed coffee bed, three small extraction holes, and a patented wave filter. The Kalita Wave pulls a rich, evenly extracted cup of coffee, and mastering the pour-over is easy with the Dripper 185.

Featuring a flat-bottomed design and proprietary filters the Kalita Wave is a manual brewer built with purpose. Its focus on producing consistent brews and even extractions through its simple but effective design makes it one of the most approachable, easy-to-use pour over devices available. With the Wave you can trust that you’ll get delicious, full-flavored brews time and time again without any extra fussing around before you’ve had your coffee.

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