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My Cafe Drip Filter - Hario

My Cafe Drip Filter - Hario

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Just Pop Open and Place on a Mug for an Instant Pour Over Experience

A favorite of one of our Founders!

Iconic V60-shape, on-the-go drip filter that works like a drip bag & pour over filter.

Just pop it open, put it on your favorite mug, put some ground coffee and voila! It's a crossover of "your own drip bag" and "pour over anywhere, anytime" experience.

The filter is designed with the V60's conical shape that adds extra sophistication to the brew result. 

*Compatible with mugs/cups with a diameter of 6.5cm-8cm. It may not sit stable enough depending on the shape of a mug. 

*This product DOES NOT come with coffee. Please add ground coffee of your choice to use. 

Contains 22 pcs
Size: W80 x H80mm
Capacity: 1cup
Material: Polypropylene, polyethylene (Filter),
Paper, Polyethylene (Holder)
Made in Japan   
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