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SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate

With this course, based on the skills learned in the Foundation Course, you will learn to demonstrate the basic concepts of sensory science in the analysis of aroma, flavor, taste and body differences in a variety of coffee. You will learn a variety of test methodologies and practice calibration on the SCA cupping form. It will examine the basic elements necessary to develop a sensory program in your company and apply the basic concepts of sensory science to analyze the differences in aroma, flavor and body in coffee.
From acids to extraction; The SCA wheel of flavors up to triangulations, Intermediate Coffee Sensory Skills presents the necessary tools to analyze the flavor of coffees and evaluate them in a careful way, ensuring that the best product reaches the consumer. By building a vocabulary of taste descriptions and adhering to cupping protocols, students will rapidly develop world-class sensory skills along with our Authorized Instructor and our Q-Grader.
Due to Covid, student has the option to attend this course in a Hybrid format: Classes are ONLINE-LIVE. Exercises and Practice will be arranged with the AST on private sessions.  
Then, learners will take the practical test and a written exam alone online. By completing the course work and passing the exams, students earn 10 points towards the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.