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We also offer a variety of Consulting Services

Including: Green Coffee Grading and Analysis, Coffee Business Planning, Roast Profiling, Product Development and more! Our Lab is Perfect for Hosting Large Public Cuppings and other Sensory and Tasting Events.


Are you interested in coffee? Are you a coffee apasionado? You love... 


Many people always ask: what is the best coffee? And our answer... 

  • Our Mission

    María Esther Thome-López: "To inspire people in the knowledge and better understanding of what the specialty coffee & tea industry are, through education, research, and sense of community."

  • Testimonial

    "(...) María Esther tiene una pasión por el café increíble y un amor y un respeto a los caficultores que es muy admirable (...)"

    - Alessandra Sala, Dueña y Gerente, D'SALA Caffe - Lima, Peru

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  • Our Story

    Inspired by more than 9 years working in different aspects of the tea & coffee industries, Dylan and María founded Coffea School in 2018 in Miami-Florida, United States, with the idea of bringing coffee & tea Education to a wider spectrum of professionals and aficionados.

    While Coffea has the mission to advance the coffee & tea experience through education, we’re also committed to embrace regular connections between friends, family and producing communities with sustainability and fair practices.

    We focus on connecting students and people who visit Coffea School to the stories and struggles of the farmers and communities that produce these two beautiful products. And at the same time We place emphasis on teaching about sustainable production practices that have a low impact on the environment.

    As roasters, we have a strong commitment to sourcing the finest coffees & teas of the producing world.

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